Tip Your Hat When You're in the Saddle

You'll love our selection of cowboy hats in Tyler, TX

Enhancing your style in and out of the arena is possible with the right Western wear. Cazarez Western Wear And Horse Accessories carries custom leather belts, hats and more at our store in Tyler, TX. Our high-quality accessories and leather goods can withstand harsh conditions and are perfectly suited for any rider.

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Learn more about our cowboy hats

Want a custom cowboy hat? You're in luck. We have a great selection of hats available for our customers. We:

  • Carry up to a size 62 with a special order
  • Sell felt hats, cowboy hats and dress hats
  • Stock Stetsons, Bullhides, Beavers and our personalized brand

Many of our hats are handmade in Mexico and come with personalization options. You can opt for a hat made of alligator, ostrich, eel, lizard or any other kind of skin or leather, and we can have it stitched with a silver thread. If you'd like to personalize a cowboy hat, email us today.